TAS PowerTek Ltd.
Leading through Technology


Infrastructure / Facilities

Our facility is a 5000 Sq. ft multi storied structure of which 2000 Sq. ft is a Dust free - Temp Controlled testing and assembly area. The company has indigenously developed advanced testing and production facilities with high emphasis on quality. At the heart of the quality assurance system are the micro controller or PC based sophisticated automatic-testing fixtures. These fixtures compare multiple databases in a network and ensure that no product moves to the next stage of production without clearing the earlier testing stages. This ensures that our customers get only the best and quality assured products. TAS PowerTeks reputation for innovative technology has been an outcome of attention to detail and a structured process in product development. We believe in overall good management practices which enable us to optimize costs while delivering high quality products and services. This has led to the awarding of the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification from the international certification body, TUV-Nord. In addition, all our electronic products comply with the relevant quality standards. As is known and accepted that an organization is judged by the clients it serves; all our clients have been demanding and this has kept us on the over drive. We look forward to add many such clients limited by no boundaries

E-Book By Mr. Tushar Mogre, CEO / Director, Reactive Power Compensation on LV Supply
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