TAS PowerTek Ltd.
Leading through Technology

In House R & D

Product Development Capabilities:
To Carry out such product Development, the Design skills used:

Basic Skill sets :
Digital Electronics Circuit design.
Analog Electronics Circuit design.
Microprocessor based hardware design.
Power Electronics system and control design. (Involving thyristors & IGBTs)
Micro-Controller firmware using C compilers and Assembly language.
Digital Signal Processors instrumentation design (firmware & hardware)

System Engineering Skill sets:
Concepts of electrical parameter measurement, analysis and PF control.
Concept of Electrical Power Quality Mitigation by passive and active controls.
Concepts of variable speed AC and DC drives.
Concepts of Data Logging and Analysis.
Data Communication using Hand held unit, GSM/GPRS, RF (UHF), MOD-Bus, USB, Bluetoth, Wi-Fi, TCP-IP.
Automation system designing and software.
Concepts of Switched Mode Power Supplies with regulated voltage and current sourcing.
Protection to the electronics under EMI/EMC

In-House Designing Tools:

Software Tools:
Texas DSP TMS 320 series compiler.
ARM Cortex M3, M4 KeilCompilers for 32-bit Microcontrollers.
C++ compiler Keilfor Silicon Labs series Microcontrollers.
Compiler for Atmel 90S and ARM series Microcontrollers.
Simulator tool for Silicon Labs Microcontrollers.
AltiumPCB design and Circuit simulation package.
Mechanical 3-D imaging Software Package.

Hardware Testing:
Calmet C300 Three phase Voltage and Current Source and Calibrator 0.02% accuracy.
Single phase and Three phase sine wave generator for Voltage and Current. 2 nos.
Digital Storage Oscilloscopes High end models Tektronics. 2nos.
200Amp. AC, loading current source for heat run testing of thy sw.
High temperature burn-In Chamber.
General Testing equipment like 0.2class meters, Digital Storage Oscilloscope.
High voltage and insulation testing equipment.

Support Type Testing Facilities:
The designing facilities available and used by us for various type testing:
These facilities are available with Govt. approved laboratories and are available for testing on chargeable basis.
EMI / EMC testing facilities for electronic equipment.
ROHS Compliance of the product developed.
Mechanical vibration testing facilities.
Temperature shock testing (-10C to +75C).
Environmental testing (Humidity and dust).
Calibration of the Power measuring equipment for 0.2 and 0.5 class accuracy.
Other mechanical tests like drop test, seismic test etc.
Certifying of the equipment as per IS, IEC or other internationally accepted standards

  • E.T.D.C., Pune and E.R.T.L.Mumbai:
    Power measurement and calibration.
    EMI / EMC testing.
    Harmonics measurement testing


I.D.E.M.I., Mumbai; E.R.T.L., Mumbai and N.E.C.Nashik
Mechanical vibration test.
Environment testing.
Temperature shock testing.

C.P.R.I., Bangalore and E.R.D.A.Vadodara
Output short circuit testing.
50kA fault simulation.

Photographs of major R&D facilities