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PF Controller

Automatic Power Factor Controller for Thyristor Switches [TPFC-03]

Totally Micro-Controller based Digital Signal processing logic for measurements, monitoring, analysis and controls. Designed for applications in High-Speed, Power Factor Correction required for fast-changing loads such as, Welding Shops, Induction Furnaces, Rolling Mills, Riveting Shops, Large Reciprocating Compressor Lines, etc.

Wide AC Volt. I/P Supply Range SMPS, suitable for use on Nom. 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Active Power Measurements with 1.0 Class accuracy, Reactive Power Measurement with 2.0 Class accuracy, when measurement voltage & Current are from recommended Phases.

Measurement and kVAr compensation are Voltage, Frequency / THD compensated.

Load Voltage & Load Current THD measurement with Odd Harmonic coefficient up to 15th Harmonic.