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Capacitor Duty Switches (Thyristorised)

Capacitor Duty Switches Manufacturer and Supplier


Ultra High Speed capacitor switching with Cold response time as Half supply cycle and Hot response up to Two supply cycles
Extra protection to Thyristors facilitates non usage of costly Semiconductor Fuses
High end Microcontroller technology
Models with up to 500Vac and 800Vac Ph-Ph Voltages and with current rating of 25A, 40A, 80A, 120A and 160A
Multifold Protection system in built
Remote and Local override control
Continuous display of Capacitor Current and any annunciation on 4-digit 7-seg LED display
Thyristor rating 2200V for up to 500Vac supply and 3600V for up to 800Vac supply
Capacitor and Detuned reactor Earth Fault monitoring and protection
Capacitor THD monitoring and protection
Capacitor KVAR value deterioration monitoring and protection
Thyristor health check and supply health check monitoring
Standard Protection like Over/Under Voltage, Over temperature, spike current and supply voltage transient protection

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Can replace Electro-Mechanical Switching with Zero surge thyristor switching
Very low ON state conduction losses due to hybrid technology
Enhancement in life of capacitors to almost double
Can replace conventional AC-6B capacitor duty contactor
DIN rail mounting and standard bolted mounting facility
Fire retardant grade material
Remote and Local control for manual testing of capacitor control
Optional CT connection facility for added protection to capacitors
Capacitor residual voltage monitoring including Off delay timer in built
Elaborate fault monitoring with LED indications

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Vacuum Contactor - 430 V to 12kV

Application :
Capacitor switching for reactive power compensation
Switching of reactors
Resistve load switching in heaters, ventilation system, melting furnace
Neutral grounding of generators, operations of soft starters
 Motor switching in areas like
    Pumping Stations
    Crawler careens; forward reserve operation in minutes
    Kift hoist
Transformer switching

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