TAS PowerTek Ltd.
Leading through Technology

Third Party R & D

TAS PowerTek Capabilities in Custom Designs and Third-Party Design and Developments:
Understanding, Interfacing & Application Knowledge and Experience on Sensors
Wide Range of Interfacing Solutions
Domain Knowledge & Implementations in Signal Processing including Hilbert Transform, Digital Filtering, Digital-Signal-Processing
Deep Applications Expertise on 8-Bit and 32-Bit State-of-the-Art Microcontrollers
Memory Technologies as per Application needs
Real-Time, Embedded Applications Expertise
Experienced in Linear & Switching Technologies
All types of Man-Machine Interfaces applied
Includes LEDs, 7-Seg, 16-Seg LED Digits.
Standard & Custom LCD Display Solutions
Custom Soft-Touch Keypads
Ergonomic Front-Panel Designs
Functional Understanding of HMI requirements
GSM Connectivity based Hand-Held-Unit
Experience on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Interfaces and Communications.
Expertise on RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Applications & Field Installations
Implementation Expertise on GSM/GPRS MODEMs with AT & AT+ Command Sets
Deployed Systems with Industrial Computer & Windows Based Front-End Application Software in Back-End SQL & .Net
Smaller Systems Implementations on MS-Office Access, VB
Capable of Handing Large Databases for Receiving, Processing, Searching, Sorting, Analyzing, Formatting and Archiving Data (Raw and / or Processed).
Experienced in Power Electronics, Energy-Management-Systems and SCADA Implementations
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