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Power Quality (PQ) Improvement Systems on LT distribution:
Benchmarking of PQ and Various methods & merits.

Various aspects of Power Quality need to cater to issues like:
Voltage Sags and Swells
Momentary mains cycles loss.
Voltage surges and High frequency noise / disturbance (sometimes called as transients or glitches)
Current surges and high fluctuation of load current (normally reflects onto voltage problems)
Current Harmonics and consequential Voltage Harmonics.
Inter-harmonics on Current and Voltages.
Neutral floating or shifting.
Earthing Problems.
Power Outages and effect of Auto-Reclose system.
Load Shedding (Specifically with countries where demand is much higher than generation)
Power frequency Variations. And some issues that are indirectly related to Power Quality:
Reactive Power Compensation issues.
Load unbalance between the phases and Neutral loading.
System Resonance ? Parallel and Series.
Maximum Demand control (kVA demand and kW demand).