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Capacitor-Duty Thyristor Switch(es)


Micro-Controlled based intelligent design.
Suitable for High kVAr Capacitive Compensation.
Zero Diff. Voltage Detection based Switch-ON within near zero +/- 6Volt-peak (Typical 3 Volt-peak), giving negligible
Switch-On Surge Current.
Auto Resume after Faults, with additional feature of manual Fault Reset.
Four Digits, Seven Segment, Bright, Red LED Display.
Soft-Touch Keys: Enter, Up, Down, for User Interface.
Auto / Manual (local mode for testing) Mode of Operation.
Wide Input Supply Range Internal SMPS.
Capacitor Current Measurement and display.
Flashing Decimal Point LED as System “Heart-Beat” (I am OK).
Aux1 O/P N.O. Contact for SCRs Heat-Sink Over-Temperature, for indication on Panel.
V Aux2 O/P N.O. Contact for “Thyristor Short-Circuited” Fault indication.