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SCADA System Solution For Energy Management

With TAS's Entire products range

  1. LM-56 Load Manager
  2. SPF-56/TPF-56 PF controllers
  3. HTPF-56 MV PF controller

TAS's products as RTU with
Intelligent Microprocessor technology
3-ph (3W/4W) sensing with 3 CTs.
Unit with Communication capability on Serial (RS-232C/RS485HD), GSM/GPRS.
Voltage supply 90Vac to 500Vac OR 100Vdc to 550Vdc
5Amp and 1Amp CT connection
Data Logging with user programmability
Class 1 Load manager functionality

SCADA Energy Management Software
Complete remote access control of Database
Cloud database access suitable for any network devices like smart mobile phones, tabs, laptops and Desktop PCs
User configurable Electrical schemes
Programmable groups for MD and billing control
Complete graphical reporting including auto tasking functions