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Automatic Power Factor Controller

SPF-35 [ LT Intelligent Automatic Power Factor Controller
& Data Logger ]

Totally Fast Micro-Controller based Digital Signal processing logic for measurements, monitoring, control, logging etc.
All Voltage & Current measurements with 0.5 Class accuracy.
Automatic Synchronization capable of giving the correct results for wrong connections at CT terminals (even wrong polarity of CTs).
Load side Voltage , Current and Cap. current THD measurement with odd harmonic coeff. up to 15th Harmonic, Neutral current analysis too.
Various modes for switching, viz:
Un-equal (user defined)
C-Series (preset series)
E-Series (user defined)
Up-to maximum 16 Relay Contact Outputs for Capacitor Banks control.
Capable of doing the kVAr measurements every cycle of the mains waveform.

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